This Obscenely Lux Mega-Yacht Has It’s Own Beach

Ladies and gents, the next level of opulence is here.

Have a spare several billions lying around? In what will make lowly millionaires envious, Hareide Design Norway has conceptualized an uber-luxurious yacht that will be the play toys of Russian oligarchs, Chinese politicians and dictators around the world.

Dubbed the 108 Mega Yacht, it has an elevated dining and view area; gardens; a beach; and a helipad to name a few.

Oh, did I mentioned it is powered by solar panels together with Li-ion batteries? Yah, you can be showy, mega-rich and save the world too, I suppose.

I’ll let the drool-worthy pictures do the talking:

Tranquil Garden:


Written by Dylan Ohmin


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