10 Craziest Plastic Surgery Facts You Didn’t Know:

Number 5 just takes the cake

C’mon, admit it. We’ve all contemplated plastic surgery from time to time. If even those Greek Godess and God-like celebrities constantly do them, surely we mere mortals must feel inadequate?

Well, here are some very interesting facts about plastic surgery I bet you didn’t know about. Click on the slide show below to begin!

Plastic Surgery Fact #1: The dark history of plastic surgery

It was originally done of dead people not live people. In ancient Egypt, as you must already be aware, people were obsessed with the afterlife. They believed that how you looked at death would be carried over to how you looked in the next life. Naturally then, lots of facial reconstruction/dressing up was done on the dead.


Techniques involved inserting seeds and bones into the face to make them look better.

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