Kim Jong Gone: Secret Plans To Assassinate Reclusive Leader Revealed!

All’s fair in love and war

Kim Jong Un has been dominating news in recent months. Indeed, his bellicosity has seen him threaten nuclear war on South Korea and the United States. The international pariah has also repeatedly defied UN sanctions by testing and improving its nuclear capabilities.

That, ladies and gentlemen is a scary thought. Nuclear weapons in the hands of an almost-mad man. (Actually, scratch that, Donald Trump winning the US elections is scarier)

South Korea’s Defence Minister

South Korea’s Defence Minister has claimed that special elite forces would infiltrate the North and do a hit job on Kim if North Korea invades. This is dubbed ‘Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation’ plan (KMPR) and was formulated after the hermit kingdom’s 5th nuclear test.

Such a move would combine precision guided missile attacks and a storming of Kim’s position by elite commando units. One could speculate that it is mostly bluster to warn Kim junior given how public this ‘plan’ has been made known.

(AP: Associated Press Photo/Wong Maye-E, File)

Let’s hope this plan would not come to fruition and peace will be maintained.

Written by Charline Glassner


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