Restaurants From Hell – The Most Sickening and Disgusting Kitchens Exposed

Yes, these are real pictures of real restuarant kitchens

Food safety authorities have just revealed the most repulsive and dirty restaurant kitchens in the United Kingdom and they don’t make for pleasant reading or viewing. As the guardian reports, “these are the worst restaurants for hygiene” in the country.

These pictures are taken by hygiene inspectors and don’t make for pleasant view, you’ve been cautioned!

Restaurant #1 Golden Dragon (East London)

Image: Newham Council

Food hygiene inspects found large number of uncovered saucepans with cooked food (ready to be served) right beside bags of rubbish with visible roaches and rat droppings! Ew..

Restaurant #2 Chai Wallah (Stockton-on-Tees)

Image: Stockton Council

The owner of this Indian restaurant was given 3-month jail sentence for food safety offences. In one of the most egregious complaint, it was alleged that a customer was sold Chicken that was raw in the middle.

Restaurant #3 Babylon Inn (South London)


Yes, those are rat droppings you see. The owners of this restaurant were hit with one of the highest financial penalties in 2015 for food safety breaches. The inspector was quoted saying  “You sometimes get mice and cockroaches, or rats and cockroaches, or rats and mice, but it’s rare to get all three”.

I think my appetite has gone now.

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