Unicycle. Man. Very High Place. What Could Go Wrong?

Excuse me while I pee my pants

I count myself a little daredevil: clubbing in 4 inch heels, mixing Vodka and beer and cider etc. But this takes the cake. I’ll admit it, I even peed a little watching this.

This Romanian dude climbed a scary-ass abandoned chimney- thingy and proceeds to cycle around the circumference on a unicycle while his buddy films him. (He also films himself)

A bloody, f*cking unicyle!

There’s also the very small issue of him juggle 3 oranges while walking across that monstrous thingy. Flaviu posted the video in August this year and it has since already garnered more than a million views.

Watch this and you’ll understand why. Also, see if you got the sweaty palms like I did…

Unicycle on huge chimney in Targu Jiu

DISCLAIMER!!! You are hereby notified that the stunts displayed in this video were performed by professionals in a controlled environment. Do not attempt to duplicate, re-create, or perform the same or similar stunts, unless you are a trained professional as personal injury or property damage may result.

Unicycle anyone? Of course not. Please kids, do not try this at home. Or anywhere for that matter.

Written by Charline Glassner


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