5 Free And Legal Films You Can Watch On YouTube Right Now

Free and legal. (Some big names in here too!)

When we think about watching movies, we are usually faced with two choices: head to the movies or ‘watch it online’. Indeed, there are plenty of free but illegal places to stream or watch movies and you definitely shouldn’t do that.

However, here are 5 really good films that you can watch online for free with any guilt and wihout committing a crime!

Film #1 – Life In A Day

‘Life in a day’ is a film produced by Ridley Scott – yes THE Ridley Scott. It chronicles the lives of of amatuer film makers around the world and what it means to be alive for them on 24th July 2014.

Weird and jolting, this is a very interesting and intimate peek in the the lives of strangers. So strange yet so close…

Film #2 – Connection

Good plot, beautifully written and filmed. And Jude Law. Need we say more?

‘Connection’ is a short film about the seemingly brief connections made in airports and how, sometimes, we have more in common than we think.

Film #3 – Piah

This short Singaporean film tells a story about love, family and the special tie between a father and a son. It is a tear-jerker and one of many brilliant original Asian films to come out in recent years.

Film #4 – Shoppaholic

This weird, funny and sometimes puzzling short film on shopping is oddly relatable. The Thai film tells about Ice, playing as a shopaholic or a shopper girl. When she was about to leave the mall, she saw a promotional and things get interesting…

Film #5 – Prick

This is an award-winning British short film. “Franticly searching through his freshly developed prints, John is desperately searching for a picture. For a glimmer of hope that the feeling in his gut is wrong, that last night was just like any other, that the come-down is causing this wretched feeling.

Do you’ve any other legal short films to recommend? Let us know by commenting!

Written by Dylan Ohmin


Chief Story Officer - This cheeky little b*stard trawls the web for the most fascination and interesting stories for you.

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